Make a Vision Board

414B1518-E4CF-4164-B321-DE64D28C320FSeriously…make a vision board. Use the philosophy of the law of attraction to bring positive experiences into your life. They are a powerful tool that helps to focus your energy on the things you want, they help define goals and bring clarity to those goals, and they help you distance yourself from the negative thoughts and energy.

Take some time to sit down and really consider what you would like to perpetuate. Try to be as clear as possible and incorporate photos, words, and phrases. Also use a board that you want to look at every day.

The image attached is the board I created while going through IVF. I desperately wanted twins, one boy and one girl. I used photos that helped me envision having twins and what I might do for their newborn photo shoot. I also used a photo where a couple announced their twin pregnancy with two tricycles trailing behind their bicycle. I typed out the names we had selected for our babies and put them on the board. I also posted a photo of the home I want to buy for my growing family, as well as photos of my husband and I at times when we were having fun and extremely happy. I wanted to perpetuate continuity of our happy marriage. A dear friend of mine sent me the phrase “though she be but little, she is fierce”, which gave me strength on a daily basis. And lastly, I included money as a sign to continue working hard and striving in my professional career.

My vision board brought me peace, strength and surrounded me with positivity. It also works…these are my twins.image6

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