Getting Pregnant…who knew you needed a book these days.

F82B5D8A-9849-468E-851E-7FF5B9F5DDF9It’s just not that easy, and truth be told, it’s been difficult for many women for many years. Like many women, I began to look forward to starting my family and decided to detox my body, cut back on caffeine and sugar, and visit my local book store to stock up on as many pregnancy books as my husband would allow me to purchase.

I remember feeling so motivated and ambitious as I walked out of the book store with my green tea in one hand and my bag of books in the other. I would daydream of what it would be like visiting this book store with a stroller in a years time, and what I would look like with a big pregnant belly. But months passed and the belly didn’t appear. These books began to be a gently reminder that I was not pregnant. After several more months, these books were a screaming reminder that I was not pregnant. And ultimately became a negative connotation, and ended up on the bookshelf in the basement, hidden from my view.

Knowing what I know now, I’m thankful I purchased these books to understand what my body needed before, during and after pregnancy, as well as what my body was going through during pregnancy.

In any event it’s important to try to find the silver lining in all aspects of your fertility journey. I know first hand this is easier said than done…but everything IS meant for a reason.


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