For the Families and Friends

I hear the phrase, “my friend/family member read your blog and said it was so helpful.” I want to share that this blog is not only for the women experiencing infertility, but also for the friends and family who are looking for understanding as well as helpful tools to be supportive to their loved ones. Please ask questions, reach out if you have had a situation come up that you aren’t sure how to navigate through, or if you’re experiencing feelings and emotions that you need help with…please contact me! There are several ways to get support

  1. Leave a comment here on this blog – ask questions or request a topic to be covered
  2. Email me privately at

Remember, even though you may be the person experiencing infertility first hand, your loved ones are trying to understand something you’re going through, but you may as well be speaking a different language that they are trying to decode. Give them some resources and tools to be as helpful as possible.


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