Social Media and Infertility – The Things We Want to Post…but Don’t

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It seems like every time I open up Facebook or Instagram, another woman is posting a pregnancy announcement, a gender reveal, pregnancy photo updates, or the birth of her child. Social media began to plague me with frustration, hurt and anger because it seemed so easy for everyone else to get pregnant, and I’m over here taking photos of my dog and posting it to my page. So while the rest of the world is posting photos of the natural evolution of creating a family, the community of women struggling with infertility have a lot to post…but don’t. In my experience I didn’t post to social media because I didn’t share what I was going through with everyone, in part because it made me uncomfortable, I wasn’t ready to answer questions about it, and lets face it, not all of my social media “friends” are true eat an entire cheesecake with you, watch Steele Magnolias and ugly cry together, and spend the entire day in your pajamas with you, kind of friends. Most are acquaintances who would have approached my posts with more curiosity than genuine concern.

In retrospect, I wish I would have shared while I was going through it…so here are a few of my favorites.

The First image posted is my first round of FET medication. I went to the specific pharmacy to pick these up, drove home and spread everything out on the counter so I could inventory my items and figure out what needed refrigeration, and what needed to be stored in our medication bin.


My extremely detailed and time sensitive calendar for “when to take what” medications. This calendar saved me, and terrified me all at once.


I had around 40 follicles growing in this photo (PCOS often creates more follicles than expected. I looked about 6 months pregnant and it hurt to walk.


I was even swollen on my love handles because there just wasn’t anymore room for the growing follicles.



Ahhh the journey continues…



Egg retrieval day!!!!! This day was wonderfully exciting, but terrifying. We just prayed that we had a few eggs and that they were in great condition for creating an embryo.

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Embryo transfer day! We were officially going to be pregnant on 11/9/16

AND…just a few that are so spot on funny

Image result for funny infertility memes

Image result for funny infertility memes

Image result for funny infertility memes

Image result for funny infertility memes



4 thoughts on “Social Media and Infertility – The Things We Want to Post…but Don’t

  1. That is a beautifully arranged set of meds! Mine was strewn around the house, with lots of charts and calendars on walls – IVF really ruins the decor….


    1. Emma, you are absolutely right!! I remember having to move the charts and calendars from our refrigerator every time a guest came over. Praying they wouldn’t find our prescription bottles everywhere or ask any questions. It’s a more difficult task than expected. Thankful we passed that milestone!
      I hope you’re doing well, and thank you for visiting!!

      Liked by 1 person

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