Kiss Me – I’m Infertile (I Mean Irish)


Let’s cheers to one holiday that isn’t focused on children, or a reminder of motherhood! Maybe it’s just me, but as every holiday approached I would begin talking myself down off the ledge, trying to take deep breaths and  run through all the scenarios of what might be coming my way in conversations. Who was going to ask me at this gathering, “so when are you and Rick going to have kids?”, which circle was I going to get caught in listening to mothers boast about their children’s milestones, who was going to make an off-color joke about me not being a mother. I would pull together my inner Lady Gaga and put my poker face on.

BUT THEN THERE’S ST. PATRICK’S DAY! The holiday noted for the global celebration of Irish culture and the patron saint, St. Patrick, who ministered Christianity during the 5th century. To most, this is a holiday with an excuse to begin drinking at 7:00 AM and get sloppy drunk, dress in obnoxious green clothing and costume jewelry, and kiss everyone Irish in sight to collect on some luck;  Many of us on the infertility train will try anything to change our “luck”, because getting lucky the old fashion way isn’t working! Perhaps if we can locate a leprechaun, kiss him and steel his pot of gold, we will finally get pregnant…wishful thinking and silly I know, but at one point or another you feel a little desperate. In any event, although you may be at a point in your fertility journey that you can’t drink with the best of ’em, there is nothing wrong with partaking in a green beer with your best mates. Or perhaps you prefer a green wine…no that’s just gross! My point is, this is a holiday to capitalize on! Celebrate one of the few holidays that does not remind you of the negative aspects of infertility, enjoy an adult beverage (responsibly) should you choose, and get in the spirit!

An Irish Prayer

May God give you..

For every storm, a rainbow

For every tear, a smile

For every care, a promise

And a blessing in each trial.

For every problem life sends,

A faithful friend to share,

For every sigh, a sweet song.

And an answer for each prayer.



Cheers and baby dust to you my friends!




























2 thoughts on “Kiss Me – I’m Infertile (I Mean Irish)

  1. Excellent sentiment! Always remember what we have over the preggos: booze. Never let it be said infertiles aren’t fun!


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