A Letter To My Husband

FB_IMG_1442927921559My love,

I don’t believe I’ll ever be able to express in words how truly gracious I am for the gift God gave me, in you. I am full of imperfections, and you once told me that those are the qualities you love most about me. My impulsivity, my extreme sensitivity, my outspokenness, and my stubbornness. I never knew how wonderfully balanced you would make my life…you make me better than I was before. This has never been more evident than when we started our journey through IVF.

You approached each step of this process with ease and an overwhelming calmness. Whereas I was full of anxiety, worry and fear. Your strength gave me strength, and your courage gave me courage.

I don’t believe I realized it at the time, but you never, ever blamed me for not being able to give you a child without medical help. You never made me feel that my condition was “my fault”. You never made me feel less of a woman. You never made me feel an ounce of guilt or shame. You protected me from those who inadvertently hurt me. You built me up, you had my back, you carried all of my worry so I didn’t have to. Thank you, will never be enough for all of these things you were and are for me.

I want you to know that you are the true hero in our story. I know everyone looked at us and said how strong I must have been. When people called to check in, they asked how I was, but not very often how you were doing. Little did everyone know that you were the one going through it, but you handled it with quiet strength and reassurance. You were the one who had to learn how to administer the medications. You had to give me every shot, you attended every doctors visit, you sacrificed to make sure you were available to support me emotionally and mentally, you were the reason I felt empowered to do it.

Thank you, my amazing husband. You make this life we live together so amazing. I know God made you for me, and I know he made me for you. Everything in this life happens for a reason. We were meant to meet, to fall in love, to build a life together, and create the most beautiful children we could have ever prayed for. Thank you for helping me embrace the IVF journey God paved for us, and giving me the love and support to see that it was a beautiful one.

I love you, with all of me.


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